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Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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Spring isn’t the only season to clean. Seasonal upkeep is an important habit to help keep your home in the best shape possible. A well-maintained home provides comfort year round and when you decide to sell your home, it can also potentially increases your sale price and speed up the closing process.

Here are the main areas of your home to pay attention to, along with simple ways to keep your home in top shape:

With summer approaching, here are the top areas of your home to pay attention, along with simple ways to keep your home in top shape:

Inspect Caulking

It is common during winter months for windows and doors to separate slightly from their frames. In preparation for summer, be sure to inspect caulking around these areas, and any other openings in the home. A simple application of external silicone caulking or sealant can address any issues. This also helps preserve your home and keep your energy bill lower as your HVAC systems work to keep the interior cool in the summer heat.

Replace Air Filters

It is important to replace your home’s air filters several times a year, typically after every season. Adding fresh filters after the spring season is especially beneficial, as spring pollen tends to shorten a filter’s lifespan. Not only does a new filter improve the air quality inside your home, it also makes your HVAC more energy efficient and helps preserve the life of your unit. Clogged filters, on the other hand, can affect the parts and components of your unit over time. If a critical component is affected, it may require a costly new system altogether.

Keep an Eye on the Roof

Sun exposure can cause warping, fading, chipping and other deformities to the roof and siding materials, as well as water damage from spring and summer storms. Loose or missing shingles can allow water to seep into your home, causing much more severe issues over time.

A roof inspection after the heaviest weather season is recommended to address any issues that may have developed. A quick check after any heavy summer storms is also a good idea. Skylights or domes should be included, checking for any cracks or other damage.

Other ways to keep the roof in its best condition include:

  • Keeping gutters free of debris
  • Ensuring any low-hanging branches are either removed or sturdy enough to withstand the elements
  • Putting away any objects in the front or back yard that can easily be swept up and onto roofs in high winds

Clear the Deck

Backyard decks get their most use in the summer months, but require regular maintenance to keep them in their best condition throughout the year. A deck’s materials often determine the level of maintenance, with capped composite requiring less maintenance than wood or low-quality composites.

It is recommended homeowners wash and reseal a deck in late spring, followed by a mid-summer inspection for any signs of rot, cracks or structural issues. Summer’s dry, warmer weather makes it an ideal time to address any issues you may have uncovered.

Proper and consistent maintenance to your home during seasonal changes are a simple, effective way to prolong your home’s overall health.

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